Romcaffè still carries the same principles on which the company was originally founded, offering a productof unsurpassed quality.

Historia Romcaffè

In 1925, Elio Romagnioli produced an exclusive high quality coffee, Romcaffè. His coffee was produced with an old fashioned eye for detail, similar to times when the value of a product was measured by the effort it took to make it.

Mr Romagnioli was a man with a spirit of adventure but was also practical and realistic. In time he decided to open coffee shops in some of the most interesting cities throughout Italy. Then during World War II it became almost impossible to import raw coffee and produce Romcaffè. Romagnioli was forced into diversifying his activities into the food industry. It wasn’t until the end of the war that the company’s original plant could be resurrected and he began rebuilding the company. These were the first steps to creating his empire even after he had experienced enormous difficulties gaining access to the countries producing the raw product – coffee.

Elio Romagnioli’s passion was always with coffee, he strongly believed in his formula and had a remarkable knowledge of the product which he commonly called “green gold”

Since the early sixties Romcaffè has continued to grow and a new phase of modern production began to reach its pinnacle in 1992 when the new plant was commissioned.

Right from the beginning in 1925 Elio Romagnioli traveled the world analyzing the customer’s tastes, enabling him to produce a coffee with a long lasting taste.

il sapore che rimane” – The flavour that lasts.

Romcaffè still carries the same principles on which it was founded, offering products of unsurpassed quality. The company is still family owned and operated by the 2 Grandsons of Elio Romagnoli. Elio’s Grandson also named Elio is the creative director having assisting his father with sampling, Chemical analysis, blending and roasting Romcaffe since the age of 15. Elio can boast over 45 years of experience roasting one of the most consistent ranges of coffee in the world.